Friday, November 14, 2014

Oceanhorn Anniversary Update and Competition!

Can you believe it, Oceanhorn was released a year ago! Oh how the time flies, when you're having a good time - and what a time it has been!

We have so far released five updates for Oceanhorn, each of them polishing the game, expanding features or even adding hefty amount of gameplay hours in a form of "Island of Whispers" adventure, but wait - there is more to come!

Tikarel in the morning

Oceanhorn 2.5 Update 11th of December

Apple has released a new set of amazing devices and we want to keep Oceanhorn up to date. We have worked hard this autumn to make sure Oceanhorn meets the expectations of those who have the new devices. New iPhone 6, 6+ and iPad Air 2 owners are able to enjoy Oceanhorn with 4x more polygons, new lightning effects (normal maps, ambient occlusion), tweaked character art and tweaked 60 fps performance!

Bow - The sacred weapon of Owrus

Oceanhorn 1st Anniversary Competition

To celebrate Oceanhorn's 1st anniversary, we are going to set up a competition! The competition starts 11th of December and will last until the end of the year. Details of the competition including rules and the prize will be revealed when the update is released!

We have enjoyed following your reviews, opinions and walkthroughs of Oceanhorn. Thank you for sharing your Oceanhorn experiences in forums and in reviews. We have been able to improve the game all around and provide better adventure for everyone! We are happy that our love towards the game shines through in your experiences.

Have you found this secret graveyard already?

There is so much more we would like to tell you, but it is not the right time just yet. Stay tuned for more Oceanhorn news in the future!