Thursday, December 13, 2012

Oceanhorn of 2013 will be big and beautiful!

Oh man, how time flies. It has been a hectic year here at our studio. Oceanhorn project has grown from a 3D-tile tech demo into a full-blown adventure engine and the stuff that comes from the other end gives me goose bumps - of excitement. A year ago when we announced Oceanhorn, we never guessed how many people a simple announcement would attract. We learned that people wanted, no they needed an Action RPG like this for their iOS devices.

Because of your high expectations, we have worked hard and given all the time on our hands for the game. Everyday our adventure grows bigger, everyday the game becomes better, and everyday I'm more confident that this is what you players want. And that is what we are going to give for Oceanhorn - more time.

Oceanhorn that will be released in 2013 is a better game than the one that was initially planned for 2012.

After we released our last gameplay video, we got contacted by so many wonderful people who wanted to help us! One party stood out from the crowd. They were fans of the genre, they had played and loved the games that inspired Oceanhorn, and they had their best intentions to help us to give Oceanhorn all the polish it needs.

Now, Cornfox & Brothers are happy to announce that as an outcome of fruitful negotiations, we have begun cooperation with FDG Entertainment to bring you the best adventure game of 2013.

*** *** *** ***
Fantastic items and spells help you on your adventure

Cornfox is a three man team, so FDG comes in at perfect time to give us the privilege to concentrate on the game itself. Here is a summary of the things that we've worked on lately:

- Shield incoming attacks, bomb your way through walls, snipe down enemies with a bow, dodge roll and jump over ledges with trencher boots.

- We have implemented exciting interactive spells! Line up enemies for perfect FIRE shot. Throw items at enemies with FORCE spell.

Last arrow - make it count

- Use your hard earned money to improve your Items and Spells. You get more arrows and bombs, your sword deals more damage and you get new properties for your items.

- Floating Directional Controls: People have spoken and we listened. Big virtual stick is now gone. Game will include control options for all tastes.

- We are very pleased how items and spells gave much needed depth to the combat. There is nothing more pleasing than shooting down a Crapybara (that red insect thing) from a ledge, or performing an perfect dodge roll before Ogre hits you with a hammer and counterattacking him from behind.

Old Fortress hides a secret
- Switches, spikes, arrow traps, raising blocks, laser turrets and intelligent enemy respawning gives you hard time in dungeons and temples, but you will love every puzzling minute of it.

- Project started in 2010, so the character model in all its 800 polygon glory started to show its age. Well, we have a new higher polygon main character model now - better suited for adventures played in 2013!

- Epic adventure needs epic storytelling, starring Ray Chase as hero's father's voice.

- Compare your BRAVE RANK together with your friends. Are you a Rookie Adventurer, Treasure Hunter or simply a Legend. Brave Rank tracks your every kill, discovered treasure chest and completed challenge to give you bragging rights.

*** *** *** *** 
Graveyard Island - one of the many small islands with side quests

See?! A lot of great stuff is coming up and our cooperation with FDG Entertainment is going to provide Oceanhorn something even more amazing, but we will tell you more about that later! :)

Have a great holidays and see you in 2013. Remember, we might be silent, but it only means we are working. Constantly. All the time. Until it's out.