Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Oceanhorn is ready for Apple TV launch!

Precise controls for Remote and MFI Controller !

Apple launching a new device is always exciting time for us and this time we are especially thrilled, since Oceanhorn is about to debut in your living rooms thanks to the amazing hardware of Apple TV!

To ensure your adventure on big screen is a joyful one, we made several improvements to the game. The camera shows more action around the main character. The landscapes are more detailed and the fields, forests and the dungeons are littered with detail objects.

Apple TV Remote proved to be great controller for Oceanhorn as we have always relied on simple, yet efficient controls. You hold the remote like it is supposed to and click the track pad for sword swings and interaction. Oceanhorn also works very well with an MFI Controller!

Oceanhorn for Apple TV is a universal build, so if you have previously purchased Oceanhorn on iOS you can download it free of charge to play it on your TV.

Stay tuned for more Oceanhorn news in the future!