Monday, January 12, 2015

... and the Winner is!

1st: Joel won over jury's hearts with his smart book cover!

Oceanhorn Anniversary Screenshot & Fan Art Competition is now over! The jury has given the scores and we have our Top 10 entries!

The winner is Joel Julian with his fantastic imaginative children's book cover! Congratulations Joel!

In Joel's entry Oceanhorn is represented as a children's book called 'The Uncharted Seas'. The smart idea is executed perfectly. The work is unique, but still honors the source material: the character, the colors and the symbols are spot on! It is delighting to start decrypting the image. The adventure takes place in a bathtub that is based on our Hero's boat and the sail has been transformed into a towel. I can almost imagine him going to bed after the bath, dreaming of the adventures he is going to take when he grows up.

The quality of the competition was very high! The members of the jury went through all the participants, hand picked what they thought were the best of the entries and gave them score according to their personal preferences. Thanks to this complex process we now have very varied Top 10 entries. The competition was very tough at the top. The top 3 had only slim difference in score!

Here are rest of the Top 10 with comments!

2nd: Tom's unique approach to fan art!

Tom Stone came second with his awesome Oceanhorn themed puppet! I think this one took everyone of us by surprise and indeed it was favored by all the jury members.

3rd: Francesco is aiming for critical hit!

Francesco Botti almost took the prize with his high quality digital painting! The picture has it all. The details are loyal to the game visuals and it tells a clear story: the Hero is desperately trying to get the key from the raging ogre's neck to open the door on the background. Viewer can imagine that the arrow he is grabbing for is the one that will relieve ogre from its earthly problems.

4th: Thomas Rollus captured a warm get together
5th: MonsterRobotStudios enjoys their battles hot
6th: Rob Sharps epic battle

7th: WeDoPlay's humorous style inspired other artists!
8th: Francesco Gambino found a perfect spot for fishing
9th: Rogers' use of watercolor medium is superb!
10th: Jamie Jones' impossible screenshot. I know how hard this one is!

Friday, January 9, 2015


When we announced Oceanhorn Screenshot & Fanart Competition we could only dream of having such amazing entries that we have had so far.

Taking screenshots is not easy...

We have seen stunning screenshots, which required a lot of patience and talent to capture - we have seen wonderful works of art of varying talent, but all the same charming. But the competition is not finished yet, there is one more day left!

Who will win the brand new iPad Air 2!

The winner will be picked by Heikki Repo (Lead Artist / Creator), Jukka and Antti Viljamaa (Lead Programmers) and Thomas Kern (FDG Entertainment). Each member of the jury will give points for several of their favorite works and the winner will be the entry that gets most points!

We will reveal the winner next week and also cover other entries!

Check all the entries from here!