Thursday, July 24, 2014

Game of the Year Edition is coming out!

Hard work is behind us and Game of the Year Edition of our game is launching soon as a free update!

Enjoy up to 4 hours of additional gameplay as you explore the all-new Island of Whispers and master a hooking new feature - fishing! In addition Game of the Year Edition will have new music tracks from the original sound team, dynamic weather changes, Finnish localization and tons of other small changes - like improved animations, effects and art assets.

Thank you for taking this amazing journey with us during the development of Oceanhorn. This trailer is about "Your voice" and this update is about our gratitude towards you, Oceanhorn fans. Arcadia is ready for your return, once again.


  1. I have it on my iphone 3gs, but i want to play it on my Nvidia Shield. ¿Will be the game launched for android some day?

  2. wow..its looks very nice game i want to play it .