Monday, May 15, 2017

You spoke, we listened! Oceanhorn coming to PS Vita on May 17th

In September 2016 we released Oceanhorn on PS4 and Xbox One, our very first console game. Since its release we received so much love and overwhelmingly positive feedback from console gaming community. Thank you so much!

Oceanhorn  is our love letter to action adventures from past generations and combines the action and puzzle elements from Zelda games with the emotional journey of the Final Fantasy and Mana series.

Oceanhorn on PSVita in action

Wow these colours pop on the PS Vita screen!

Soon after launch we received many requests from players who’d love a portable PS Vita version of this game so we decided to do a Twitter Poll about it. What followed was an incredible Tsunami of likes and retweets – it blew us away! We are very happy to announce that Oceanhorn – Monster of Uncharted Seas will arrive on PS Vita on May 17th, 2017.

Taking full advantage of PS Vita

We’ve been working hard to deliver the same gameplay experience that you’ve loved on consoles, so we put many hours into optimizing our code. We’re very happy to confirm that the whole game runs beautifully on the PS Vita delivering smooth performance all the way through the entire game.

It’s just amazing to see the game coming to life on the colourful PS Vita display. Everything looks so expressive, adding an extra punch to the huge variety of islands like rainy forests or scorching desserts. Explore all of them on the go!

The game will take you from the deepest dungeons to the highest skies

Beautiful Game for a beautiful Handheld System

We didn’t stop with just porting it, we also added features to take advantage of the Vita in unique ways. You decide if you want to use them or play in a traditional way. First of all we enabled Touch Screen for casting spells and to navigate the menus. This is a very comfortable and direct way of choosing targets or menu options.  Furthermore we enabled PlayStation TV so you can play on the big screen.

Oh and in case you’re wondering: The game features its own set of trophies, so all trophy hunters rejoice, another Platinum Trophy to hunt for. Altogether we aimed to deliver a must have for every PS Vita library and it’s our way of saying thanks for your support. Cheers!

Korbinian Mossandl// Producer, FDG Entertainment


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  2. I can't thank you enough for bringing this to the vita I appreciate it very much and thank you for not canceling it i will be buying it on day one as it comes out for the vita

  3. Thank You. I will buy it tomorrow

  4. Wanted to buy this for my bit and saw it was being released for Switch. I want to support your development of the Vita version. But I really need a new Switch game. Thank you for listening.