Friday, March 1, 2013

Oceanhorn was accidentally released. We apologize.

Screenshot of Shame.

An early prototype of Oceanhorn was automatically released on App Store last night. It was night time in Finland, that's why it was live for hours before we heard about it ourselves and pulled the plug. We are deeply sorry for the inconvenience.

Those of you who purchased Oceanhorn, get your refund through App Store channels.
- In receipt email, or from iTunes Purchase History, click "Report a Problem" link
- Select "This application does not function as expected" for explanation
- To comments write: "Developer has issued that this is an unfinished build of Oceanhorn and it was accidentally released."

Again, we are deeply sorry for this pre-mature release. We hope this does not change your enthusiasm towards Oceanhorn.

So what happened? If you want to reserve a name for your game on App Store, you will need to upload a playable build to iTunes Connect. The build that was now automatically released, is 1.5 years old. It does not compare to the final product in any way.

Hey, maybe we should compare it. Here are some of the more recent media from Oceanhorn.

This is where the game begins!

Withered Lands is definitely not a boring place.


  1. Will that dollar (well, 60 cents or whatever) reach you if I don't bother bugging Apple about it?

  2. Hi Eddie. I wish you would claim refund from Apple, because product that you got was not meant to be sold. But if you do not ask for refund, your dollar will reach us and it will be used for the development of the game.

    I am sorry that you did not get real Oceanhorn Eddie.

  3. Is there any timetable for the proper release?

  4. I would have bought it just to support you guys. Stuff asking for the money back.

  5. OceanHorn is the first game on iOS that I really, really want to play. It reminds me so much of a console game. I knew it wasn't complete based on TouchArcade feedback when I bought it. So I definitely don't want a refund :)

  6. how did this even happen lol, as the game is no where near finshed right

  7. I suppose you'll have to consider my purchase support since Apple will not refund me after I followed the instructions given. Their reply was "We have taken note of the problem for our records, however we are not able to provide support for the features and functionality of application. Please click the support link below to contact the developer for resolution."

  8. When will you release the game?

  9. The game is still out on Appstore ....

  10. i'm wondering if the game will be able to run on any device or IOS ? i mean, if i use an iphone 3GS with a 5.0.1 OS, will it work ?! would be great, cause you know, i'm willing to play Oceanhorn. A LOT ! =)

  11. This game looks absolutely amazing, please please please make an Android release.....

  12. TouchArcade posted the first 5 minutes of gameplay footage from GDC:

  13. Please make more updates. I can't wait for this game, and the remaining time until OH is released would be so much easier to survive if we know how you are doing.

  14. Does this game support chinese?? :)


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