Thursday, December 13, 2012

Oceanhorn of 2013 will be big and beautiful!

Oh man, how time flies. It has been a hectic year here at our studio. Oceanhorn project has grown from a 3D-tile tech demo into a full-blown adventure engine and the stuff that comes from the other end gives me goose bumps - of excitement. A year ago when we announced Oceanhorn, we never guessed how many people a simple announcement would attract. We learned that people wanted, no they needed an Action RPG like this for their iOS devices.

Because of your high expectations, we have worked hard and given all the time on our hands for the game. Everyday our adventure grows bigger, everyday the game becomes better, and everyday I'm more confident that this is what you players want. And that is what we are going to give for Oceanhorn - more time.

Oceanhorn that will be released in 2013 is a better game than the one that was initially planned for 2012.

After we released our last gameplay video, we got contacted by so many wonderful people who wanted to help us! One party stood out from the crowd. They were fans of the genre, they had played and loved the games that inspired Oceanhorn, and they had their best intentions to help us to give Oceanhorn all the polish it needs.

Now, Cornfox & Brothers are happy to announce that as an outcome of fruitful negotiations, we have begun cooperation with FDG Entertainment to bring you the best adventure game of 2013.

*** *** *** ***
Fantastic items and spells help you on your adventure

Cornfox is a three man team, so FDG comes in at perfect time to give us the privilege to concentrate on the game itself. Here is a summary of the things that we've worked on lately:

- Shield incoming attacks, bomb your way through walls, snipe down enemies with a bow, dodge roll and jump over ledges with trencher boots.

- We have implemented exciting interactive spells! Line up enemies for perfect FIRE shot. Throw items at enemies with FORCE spell.

Last arrow - make it count

- Use your hard earned money to improve your Items and Spells. You get more arrows and bombs, your sword deals more damage and you get new properties for your items.

- Floating Directional Controls: People have spoken and we listened. Big virtual stick is now gone. Game will include control options for all tastes.

- We are very pleased how items and spells gave much needed depth to the combat. There is nothing more pleasing than shooting down a Crapybara (that red insect thing) from a ledge, or performing an perfect dodge roll before Ogre hits you with a hammer and counterattacking him from behind.

Old Fortress hides a secret
- Switches, spikes, arrow traps, raising blocks, laser turrets and intelligent enemy respawning gives you hard time in dungeons and temples, but you will love every puzzling minute of it.

- Project started in 2010, so the character model in all its 800 polygon glory started to show its age. Well, we have a new higher polygon main character model now - better suited for adventures played in 2013!

- Epic adventure needs epic storytelling, starring Ray Chase as hero's father's voice.

- Compare your BRAVE RANK together with your friends. Are you a Rookie Adventurer, Treasure Hunter or simply a Legend. Brave Rank tracks your every kill, discovered treasure chest and completed challenge to give you bragging rights.

*** *** *** *** 
Graveyard Island - one of the many small islands with side quests

See?! A lot of great stuff is coming up and our cooperation with FDG Entertainment is going to provide Oceanhorn something even more amazing, but we will tell you more about that later! :)

Have a great holidays and see you in 2013. Remember, we might be silent, but it only means we are working. Constantly. All the time. Until it's out.


  1. Hi everyone! The whole team @FDG is very happy about this cooperation - and after having played an alpha build of Oceanhorn, we can safely say Heikki is telling the truth :) This game is worth the wait. @Cornfox & Brothers @Followers @Fellow Gamers: Let's write App Store history together! Don't hesitate to share your ideas and wishes. ^^

  2. Hey, I'm glad to hear about the cooperation with FDG Entertainment and I hope to hear alot more about you guys and what new stuff are going to be implemented. I assume this to be THE game of the year on iOS in 2013 so make it happen.
    the expectatione are excruciating high but i know u guys will do a good job ^_^

    What I've seen of gameplay in the videos is amazing, just make the maps big so you can explore and what i want is a long game with alot of sidequests to do to get some extra money while u grind because just grinding isn't fun after a while, most importantly is the story, the game needs to be story driven by it, because what is a great looking game with out a story, voice acting from more than just one person is always welcome for npc's. Epic bosses to fight, i want to spend alot of hours on this game so make the story as good as the gameplay, u did great to implement certain aspects like the floating analog stick so hope u consider to use some of my ideas if possible

    Well congrats with your new partnership and see u guys around and wish u a happy xmas and a happy New Year

    Best regards

    1. Story... maybe. Take the old Zelda's - they had basically no story and they are legendary. Too much reading can be a pain in the butt. Oh! Whats in the works for voice acting?

    2. I prefer dialog over mindless grinding every day, iOS games get boring after the repetitive gameplay if you do not have something to back it up what good is it.

      If i recall correctly this is not a Zelda game it has elements but is in no way called a Zelda clone nor shall it be, it needs to stand out and not live in the shadow of it, thuss give it some story to be driven by it and not soullessly on gameplay fyi doesn't mean i don't like zelda still is my alltime fav game

      Im a PC gamer and play alot of my phone also, but i get bored of the games quickly because its repetitive has no story has no backbone to support it. Also stated if they could implement these things if they could.

      But im moving from the subject here

      Im looking forward to this game, been following since i first heard about it, so keep up the good work and let us know more whenever u can.


    3. Totally agree about mindless grinding. I hate to grind! That is why I love Zelda and similar games so much - you don't grind, you do side quests. While some are challenging, they always pay off. I also like games that are based on skill rather than levels. Again... zelda is a perfect example of this.

      Games like this will always get compared to Zelda. Zelda is the gold standard of action/adventure/rpg mash-ups. It is the perfect blend of it all. To be honest, the main reason why I even own a Wii is because of the Zelda franchise.

      Comparing games like this to zelda are not bad. What developers do is try to make a Zelda clone or throw too many traditional RPG elements in and completely ruin the experience.

      I know that these guys partnered with the dev's that produced Across Age... but I went in with a Zelda mindset and was disappointed. The game just is not that fun IMO.

      The key is to draw inspiration from other's work but throw something new into the mix - Shadow of Colossus is an excellent example. I would even go as far as to say that the Monster Hunter franchise appeals to Zelda lovers.

      You have to throw your own flavor into the mix without choosing the cheap/cop-out "lets just add some grinding and we'll be ok" direction.

      --Exploration, Puzzles, Skill, and no leveling up --

      these are the aspects of a good action/adventure/rpg


  3. Thanks for the update, great news all round.

  4. Good news. We're waiting about your game so mush !
    I'm a french podcaster about mobile gaming ;) .

  5. Hello the game it's wonderfull. Any chance to see an Android version ?

  6. Very excited about the "floating joystick" bravo guys! Bravo! Take your time guys, we would much rather have an amazing finished product than a half baked rushed product - I always reference the Japanese to English port of FF7 for such situations. While FF7 was one of the cornerstones of my childhood, it was not baked all the way through.

    TAKE YOUR TIME! We support you.

  7. Wow! After one year of waiting the only message you can give is that the games comes out 2013! I hope for 2013 you give us more blog entries than 4-5 in one year!

  8. Mr Timothy, can you add a more strategic combat system using gestures? That will make the game more challenging. Also, add more dodging methods. Otherwise, this is great!

  9. Honestly, you guys are AMAZING! I've been following you guys for a while now and I can't wait til this comes out! Keep up the great work!

  10. Just waiting here in Brazil, I want it so much...

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  12. Thanks for the update. Great work every one! Hope to see the final result soon! Happy New Year !

  13. Will it have the same level of emotion like wind waker? I mean that scene were link is saying goodbye to his grandma got me feeling a tear in my eye, and that was just the beginning

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  15. Hi as a gamer on ipad/ pc/ wii I'm incredibly excited for this ;) ive been a massive fan of zelda and RPGs it would be awesome if you made stuff like heart pieces, free roam on boat so you don't just click on an island to travel to and also as found in the wind waker stuff like traders who could upgrade and sell stuff on many islands and also trading boats
    Keep up the awesome work

  16. dear heikki , will this game be available on ipod touch 3g when it comes out in 2013?

  17. Hello,
    Just one question, this game will be compatible with Ipod 4th gen ?
    Thanks you.

  18. Amazing work, and what about a double blade skill? like a prize of clearing a dungeon or so :), or something like a partner pet-like that help us, or a friend, if any of you played Golden Sun there are so many good ideas in that old games, I'll be waiting the release next year Good Luck

    Greetings from México :)

  19. Great update!
    I really curious how the sailing will be, none of the pics so far as shown, so I'm really wondering!

  20. Heikki what up with the update man i am in love with your game even though there arent many images to view i believe that your game will be in the top for a long time. Your guys game gives the essence of adventure and action not many games have that characteristic but i believe your game can be just as good or even better than the zelda games keep up the good work and please release more content for all of your fans

  21. Please include a dpad so i can use blutrol

  22. Nice update. Looking good!

    I like most of the changes to the main character, but I think something was lost with the new proportions. His legs in particular look too long and thin now, an in general, his limbs and proportions lost a quaint stubby-ness that made him feel more youthful. I fear he may walk to close to the uncanny-valley line now, but it's hard to tell without seeing it all in motion.

    How about uping the texture resolution on his shirt too? Looks a bit blurry.

  23. Oceanhorn of 2013 will be big and beautiful! ???
    the game was announced on 11-07-2011 for a 2012 release.
    What the hell happened ?

    1. they wanted to make the game better than the 2012 release

  24. please make oceanhorn as good as the gameplay!
    here are some things that would make the game awesome!

    #epic boss's. if i look through all of my faviourit games of all time all of them have boss's.this makes games way more interesting, fun, and memorable.

    # a good storyline. a good storyline makes the adventure way more interesting and exciting to play. this can be the turning point from a good game to a amazing game!

    #different environments. this shakes everything up. if you look at cool games like Mario, zelda, rayman, donkey Kong you will see that they have a lot of different environments which make them some of the best games. this is what you need to do!


  25. Hello Heikki, I'm very excited for OceanHorn, and I'm a big fan of it's influencing series. It's good to see a game for IOS that isn't just striving to be a good mobile game, but a good game over all, which I almost never see. And OceanHorn have a great art style. I would love to help out just as a favor with this project any way I can, I'm a game artist based in colorado, and I specialize in concept and texture art. If you ever need any additional help please let me know, you can contact me at, I have some graphical ideas that would both respect, and possibly add to the current graphical status of OceanHorn.
    -Andrew Savage

  26. does anyone know when this game is coming out? i would love to know!!!!!

  27. I've been waiting for this game ever since the first news about it. A lot has been said abt hot it should be etc so I only have one favor to ask of you... Please don't ruin the game with in-app purchases

    1. i totally agree with you in app purchases has ruined so many games and i would hate if it destroyed this game to

    2. If in-app purchases = new content every three months or so, I'm all for it.
      If in-app purchases = pay to make the game easier in single player, I'm all for it.
      If in-app purchases = pay to customize/mod the game, I'm all for it.
      You get the drill :)

    3. im just saying it would be bad if they made the difficult level too high so you would be forced to buy extra stuff to still be able to play the game, if you get what i mean.

  28. UPPPPPPPDAAAAAAAAATTTTTTEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ...or relase it finally!!!

  29. Sorry but this looks like a good Fake!

  30. dude this game is not just a fake! this game is only inspired by the Zelda games. this game looks totally awesome in a completely different way, and it gives a different feel of game play

  31. Hello! I'm korean student!
    This game is amazing!!!
    But there is little trouble.
    Please add Korean subtitles

  32. Oceanhorn was a great game but now I see it had a lot of unused content in its first title. I hope one day we can see those ideas come back in future titles, I see like Oceanhorn has the potential to turn into an awesome series someday.