Saturday, January 28, 2012

Oceanhorn: Secret developer video Part I

Someone uploaded secret Oceanhorn stuff to youtube! ;) The game is still very much work in progress, but we are proud to give you this small sneak peak of its gameplay. By the way it is secret, so tell everyone!

Details of some progress that can be seen here:

We are developing a "story engine" at the moment. We can add NPCs and have them say proper things at the right phase of the quest. The game is going to be story based, but very similar to old action RPGs. Actually, I would like to use this chance to name one of my favourites: Seiken Densetsu (FFA / Mystic Quest) for Gameboy! That game is a perfect example of how to give you a giant quest with simple ingredients!

Oceanhorn is coming to iPhone and iPad some time in 2012!


  1. Very nice...i really hope it wont be a "farming jrpg"...and i hope it wont be something like "bring me ten goblin leather, 20 bird feathers and i will let you go" i really prefer something like "push this rock, pull that one, and the door will open" this kind of game is way more difficult, but waaay more enjoyable and durable!!! Thank you for the updates!

  2. Hi Riccardo! Oceanhorn goes against the cheap grinding formula you described. I never personally liked that kind of quests.

    I'm sure you are delighted to hear that we already have pushable boulders, switches that activate from thrown rocks, pushed boulders or by standing on them. :)

  3. > Oceanhorn is coming to iPhone and iPad some time in 2012!

    But I want it NOW!

    1. Whatever you say, Apple Bloom.

      *adds Oceanhorn to list of future apps to track*

  4. The graphic is just awesome!! ;D
    I really enjoying this. I can't wait to play oceanhorn.
    I'm a big zelda fan, the quests, the fightstyle, the gameplay... it is very goood!!
    It was just 2 weeks ago when i've finished skyward sword and it was nice but too easy.
    I hope oceanhorn will be more like wind waker and ocarina of time, because the two games were more tricky than the others.
    Back to the graphic of oceanhorn
    The graphic of oceanhorn is compared with other ios games like wii (other) and ps3 (oceanhorn) :p
    In a next video could you show a quest.
    I really want to see it :))

  5. Hi Heikki, thank you for your reply! We both do not like that kind of games ;) i really love the game graphics...hope to see thousands of tricky quests and hours of gameplay! ;)

  6. I wish I had a tablet PC so I could offer to assist with testing ; ;
    Oh well, keep up the good work, folks! ^^

  7. Is there anyway that we might be able to test any of the builds?

  8. I really hope this game does well so you guys can ummm spread the love to the android...specifically for my Xperia Play =P.

  9. Amazing, I'm just sorry everybody point out at this game as a "zelda clone" ...
    I just find it a really well done game, hope you'll find a good balance between simplicity and depth, Good Job, can't wait.. release an early version!

  10. Will this also be for the iPod touch 4g. And if it is will it be a down scaled version graphic wise to iPhone 4s and iPad 2? Or will it actually run and look this good on iPod touch 4g as well? Thanks guys. Really looking forward to this. About time somebody makes a great adventure game. And good job on bike barron. Not reall my type of game but it was polished and enjoyable none the less. One of the better debs on iOS. Thanks a lot.

    1. 3D models and most of the shaders remains the same for iPods and iPhones. I would expect we have to remove some shaders and lower the shadowmap quality for iPhones and iPods, but you propably wont see it because of the smaller screensize. Even if we have to reduce visual quality, the game itself remains the same and game will look good.

      I will deliver your kind words about Bike Baron to Mountain Sheep, they work at the same office with us. :)

  11. Hey, this looks great! I do think it has animal crossing style graphics,though the actual plot should be better. Also, how many hours would you estimate this to be of gameplay? thanks

  12. I think that anyone that ever wanted a Zelda game or similar for the iPhone/iPad will finally be able to rest.

  13. when when when, that is all I need to know. I need this in my life like yesterday

  14. Lo estoy esperando desde el año pasado... Por favor que salga a la appstore ya..... Me muero por jugarlo todos l os dias reviso en la appstore pa ver si ya esta a la venta qiero ser el primero en comprarlo.. Por lo menos den una fecha de lanzamiento........

  15. Why only for the iOS? This would make for a great Live Arcade game on the XBox. And concerning controls, what not explore what is to me the best game with touch controls ever made, Zelda Phantom Hourglass? It resembles that game and with windwaker being your inspiration, that should work just fine. Try Phantom Hourglass e try its controls on your game and see if that works, and please consider make a Xbox Live Arcade version. It's an amazing game, congratulations.

  16. Any update on this game or an estimate on when it will be released or finished?
    It was looking good back in January but its now June and we need MOAR!

  17. is this even coming out? i hope its for ipods

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