Monday, May 28, 2012

Oceanhorn on Gametrailers!

"Most anticipated iPhone and iPad games"

Fantastic news came to our attention! Chris Buffa from Gametrailers featured Oceanhorn in Gametrailers' Side Mission article of "Most Anticipated iPhone and iPad Games".

I personally refresh many times a day and finding your own game from there felt fantastic. Chris had also noted we hadn't updated for a while, we are glad he picked our game on that list nevertheless!


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    1. Hi Stewart! If we had resources we would definitely port it to Android immediately. For the time being, we need to focus on one platform at the time. But we will see how things will progress. Our previous game Death Rally was ported to Android, though not by us. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I'm very much looking forward to this game. Any updated ETA? like fall 2012? beginning of 2013? How's the timetable looking? (just so I know where to set mine)

    1. I would also love to know if there's a due date in mind. Delay it as much as necessary to add more awesomeness, just let me know when I can get my hands on this baby!

  3. Hey heikki, might I suggest a few things your team could work on?


    1- DLC/Patchable Storyline, simple as not beeing stuck on a loop like zelda, remember wind waker even though u beat gannon, everytime u start your save, you get to beat him again, lets not repeat that one oceans horn pls, once u beat the final boss, he is dead and period. Then again, one possible solution for players who would to beat bosses again, would be to add something like a "Temple of Time", after beating the game u could relive the boss fights in different difficulties.
    With the DLC it would be easier for you guys to write new story content and insert into the game then making a whole new title!

    2- Skill trees,
    it would just be amazing to change all that knight with a sword and be able to get different abilities, using sorcery or archery as your main damage source.

    3- Online co-op mode, much like diablos, where u can play solo or online, with harder difficulty.

    this ruins evry game, its better to pay 20 bucks for a nice title then having to buys stuff again and again to proceed inside the game.

    5- Gender,
    im sure there are lots of girls who will too buy the game, so that would be a ginourmous plus for you. You could to choose to play boy or girl in which case,
    Boy- you save your sister
    Girl- you save your brother

    6- customizable char
    doesnt need to be right when u create a new game, but a hair saloon/makeup saloon, it would be great to change change hairstyles and facial expressions.

    7- loot system,
    as simlpe as that and not the old fashioned zelda one where u can only get money from monsters. Instead, to make it more realistic, if u kill a wolf, u get wolf pelts, so u can sell that to somesort of vendor and get gold.

    8-crafting system

    anyways I guess I said enough. For now I guess you are settled with the content, but it would be a great deal to consider the dlc to be able to add new storylines and quests to the game after beating it. For new questlines and bosses after a beaten game, for that, i guess everyone would pay for , consider them expansions :D

    1. Hi!

      Glad to see you're passionate about Oceanhorn. You mentioned a lot of things that we have been considering already for Oceanhorn, like gender for example. I always loved how you could choose if you played with boy or girl in some Seiken Densetsu games and in some Harvest Moons. Character customization is always fun! I wish we had time to include these in the game!

      What I can tell you right now is that you won't be seeing some heavy RPG stuff, like complex crafting systems, complex loot systems, grinding or heavy inventory gameplay. But what I can promise you, is that we will be breaking "Knight with a Sword" mold, though not exacly with the skill trees, but with combination of things.

      You hit the jackpot with Patchable Storyline, because this is the kind of IAP we are planning, if anything. You wont be seeing ingame cash shop, I hate those things.

      Thanks for your input Sven, I hope you like the final product!

    2. Totally agree on 4, I'd much rather pay upfront and be done with then hindered by slow level progression or "shortcuts" through IAP.

      Oh and please (big request) could you add a mini fishing game? I always loved them in Zelda (for some reason) and was rather disappointed I couldn't retire by a lake after a hard hours grafting in the "dungeons" in Skyward Sword.

      Anyway looks awesome!

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  5. Please give me time to complete my game before releasing Oceanhorn! I really, really, look forward to playing this without any distractions :-)

    Oh btw I got a shiney Ipad 3, will there be support or is it planned for iphone only?

  6. harvest moon was sort of epic, never seen a game of that category beat it. anyways, i just happy you will be doing the patches, this way we can always have improvements on base coding and script :D
    its always beautiful to see a game grow from small to huge ^^

    i just thought about something that would help iphone users a lot, gyroscope/accelerometer sensor control, or at least an option to use it instead of a d-pad ^^

  7. Hi Heikki, first of all, congrat for the Oceanhorn game, i'm following the blog since last year and it's seems that i'm not the only one excited with the project :), i'm writting a development blog and i was wondering if u guys could share some insights about the tools(IDE, languages, librays) and development methodology, difficulties u are facing. I'm still working on the post, i can send u a preview, it's a brazilian blog. Thanks :)